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Flexible packaging or rigid packaging?

Flexible packaging or rigid packaging?

Choosing a form of packaging for your cosmetics products can be overwhelming, with so many different types of packaging currently available. That’s why, it can be useful to start by separating and comparing the two main categories of packaging: Flexible and rigid.

Flexible packaging refers to packaging made from flexible materials, such as polyethylene plastic. From spout pouches to flat bottom bags, flexible packaging is becoming increasingly popular in the cosmetics industry, for its refillable and resealable properties.

Rigid packaging, on the other hand, is made from harder materials. Examples of rigid packaging include cardboard boxes and plastic tubs and are often used for their stacking and storage capabilities.

The benefits of flexible packaging over rigid packaging

While both forms of packaging continue to be widely used in today’s cosmetics industry, keep reading to discover why flexible pouch packaging is the superior choice of packaging for your cosmetics brand and products.

1. Refillable

Nowadays, more consumers are searching for sustainable packaging solutions, in a bid to reduce single use waste. And, with the cosmetics industry being largely centred around liquid products, having refillable packaging is becoming more and more of a necessity to meet the needs of modern consumers.

Rigid packaging still has a way to go to become more sustainable, with cardboard boxes and plastic tubes continuing to be disposed of and replaced. Luckily, flexible packaging is able to offer an eco-friendly packaging alternative to customers in the form of spout pouches. Easy to refill and reuse, flexible spout pouches are a great solution if you’re looking to minimise the waste your brand and consumers produce.

2. Efficient

The size and shape of the packaging you choose can have a considerable impact on the cost and efficiency of shipping.

While rigid forms of packaging can be easily stacked and stored, they can’t be compressed, which means they tend to take up more space during shipping and require further trips to complete an order. However, as pouch packaging can be flattened and layered, more products can be sent at once, providing you with a packaging solution that’s both space efficient and cost effective.

3. Customisable

When choosing a new form of packaging, it’s important to consider how easily customisable the packaging will be. That’s because, the packaging you choose will need to be able to support your branding design and clearly display it to consumers.

Rigid types of packaging, such as shampoo bottles, often rely on adhesive labels which can be limiting in design space. However, flexible pouches can be easily customised with bespoke printed designs, allowing you to use every side of the packaging to display your eye-catching branding.

Using flexible packaging in the cosmetics industry

Alongside its key benefits, flexible packaging has multiple uses in the cosmetics industry and is suitable for both dry and wet products. From shower gel and hand soap to face masks and bath salts, flexible packaging can be used to securely store a huge range of cosmetics products.

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