Stand Up Pouches for Food Manufacturers

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Stand Up Pouches for Food Manufacturers

Stand Up Pouches for Food Manufacturers

Being highly flexible, cost-effective and offering high visibility on retail shelves, Stand up pouches are widely embraced by most food manufacturers across the UK as a popular food packaging option in a competitive retail environment.

Why Stand-Up Pouches are an Ideal Packaging Solution for Food?

Standup Pouches are readily used to pack coffee beans, tea leaves, sauces, ready meals, loose items such as nuts, candies, biscuits, moist foods such as pet foods, and even frozen food. They are ideal food packaging solutions because they are:

  • Made from laminated PET and LDPE food grade materials,
  • Extremely durable, efficient and easy to transport and store,
  • Highly convenient, your customers can simply tear open to access the content and reseal too.
  • You can determine shape and size according to your specification,
  • Can have eye-catching custom design to offer high visibility on the retail shelves,
  • Wide range to choose from, anything from clear material, coloured, metallic foil, resealable (zip lock or spout closure), to high barrier pouches.

Our Range of Stand-Up Pouches for Food Manufacturers

Metallic Foil Stand Up Pouches – these open top with valve pouches are made from a laminate of PET, Aluminium and LDPE so they offer excellent protection for tea, coffee, and food snack. Also available in clear and Kraft materials if preferred.

Metallic Foil Stand Up Spout Pouches – these spout pouches are supplied with caps and ideal for drinks and cooking sauces. They are eco-friendly and economical. Also available in clear, silver, gold, white or a chrome finish.

Transparent Box Bottom Pouches – these clear, side gusseted, flat-bottomed pouches grip seal with valve are retail shelf friendly and ideal for chocolate, biscuits, nuts and snack.

Stand Up Transparent Pouches – highly suitable for packing colorful and tempting candies and treats, these consumer-friendly flat-bottomed pouches available in an assortment of sizes and styles.

Resealable Stand Up Pouches – made from laminated PET and LDPE food grade materials, these pouches keep your food in freshness and preserve shelf life.

Plain Box Bottom Stand Up Pouches – made from laminated PET, VMPET and LDPE to keep food fresh, these grip seal with chrome pouches have wide bottom for easy packaging, transport, storage and display. They are suitable for chocolate and snack.

Stand Up Kraft Pouches – choose either with or without windows, high barrier Kraft pouches are eco-friendly as the material is Kraft paper laminated with PET, LDPE.

High Barrier Stand Up Pouches – highly suitable for cooking paste and sauces, anything from Thai curry paste to Louisiana Gumbo sauce, these aluminium foil pouches provide an excellent oxygen, moisture and aroma barrier for your food products.

Stand Up Coffee Pouches With or Without Valve – laminated with PET, LDPE and aluminium foil, these economical pouches can keep your coffee (beans or ground coffee) or tea leaves fresh.

Bespoke Pouches for Food Products

We can supply high-quality custom print on your bespoke pouch packaging to help your products be more noticeable on busy and competitive retail shelf space. We can offer either high-quality Gravure Printing (maximum 10 colours) on plastic films and kraft paper.

Ordering Stand Up Pouches for Food Manufacturing

  • We adopt a very simple 1-2-3 process:
  • Call us for a quote.
  • Make an order.
  • Invoice and delivery.

If custom printing is required, just send your artwork in when you make the order. We will then handle the bespoke printing production for you and coordinate with you on the delivery time.

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