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What is flexible packaging?

What is flexible packaging?

Flexible packaging refers to packaging made from non-rigid materials, such as plastic pouches and foil sachets. For packaging to count as flexible packaging, it must be able to be shaped and customised to meet the needs of the products inside.

Why you should use flexible packaging

Rigid packaging is limiting in design, size and shape, which can lead to a lot of wasted materials. That’s where flexible packaging steps in. With product size, type and shelf life in mind, flexible packaging can be specifically designed to meet the needs of your products. Whether you need stand up pouches for chocolates, or spout pouches for cocktails, flexible packaging can store your products with their specific requirements in mind.

How to use flexible packaging to promote your brand

1. Shape your design

Forget sticky labels, and instead integrate your brand design into the packaging you use. Available in a variety of shapes, colours and finishes, flexible packaging is diverse in its design capabilities. Whether you want to transfer your current brand onto stand up pouches or create new branding completely, flexible packaging can be tailored to meet any brand design. With flexible packaging, you can create a custom print design and effectively promote your brand through your packaging.

2. Display your products

Where rigid packaging can limit a customer’s view of the products inside, flexible packaging can allow for full visibility, through either a transparent panel or a completely clear pouch. By using these clear forms of flexible packaging, you can promote your products while using them as part of your brand design. After all, your biggest selling point of your brand can and should be the very products you sell.

3. Reflect your brand values

When promoting your brand, it’s not enough to rely on your brand name and design to sell your products. With consumer driven industries becoming more and more competitive, it’s time you started to reflect on the values of your brand and use them as additional promotional material.

Not sure how to subtly inform customers about your brand’s values? By making a conscious effort to use sustainable materials, your values can be promoted through the very materials that make up your brand’s packaging. Flexible packaging is more environmentally sustainable than other packaging materials making it an easy solution to promoting your brand as one that is ethically conscious. Flexible packaging such as plastic stand up pouches, use fewer resources to produce and leave less waste on disposal, making for a more environmentally responsible method of packaging your brand.

Promote your brand through flexible packaging with Polypouch

Polypouch is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of flexible packaging products. With our bespoke customisation service, we are here to guide you through the creation process, leaving you with custom designed packaging that effectively promotes your products and brand.

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