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Why Resealable Pouches are a Winner for Food Industry

Why Resealable Pouches are a Winner for Food Industry

Food packaging has a multifaceted role today, it must protect and preserve food, keep it away from contamination, must be lightweight for easy transportation and storage, easy to print on, and able to influence customers during the purchasing process.

Understanding the last point is critical. A recent August 2016 study by Mintel reveals that 81% of food shoppers in America say they would choose resealable packaging over non-resealable packaging. With snacking on the rise among on-the-go Americans, flexible packaging is growing in popularity, with 36% consumers interested in packaging that allows food to be eaten on the go. That’s a business recipe that is set to be repeated throughout the UK and Europe.

Resealable Pouch Packaging

Resealable packaging attracts customers due to two important attributes:

  • A high level of convenience – customers can simply tear open, access the content, and reseal the bag to ensure the product remain fresh.
  • Attractive for eco-minded consumers as they prefer resealable packaging because it is lighter, more compact, and helps to cut down greenhouse gas and shipping costs, as well as cutting down food waste.

If you are looking to switch your food packaging from rigid packaging to resealable packaging, talk to Polypouch today. We are a wholesale resealable standup pouch specialist company, supplying high-quality sealable and resealable pouches and packaging solutions to food manufacturers and other industries. Our products include but are not limited to: Grip Seal (zipper) pouches, Stand Up Pouches, Tear Notches, Bottom Gusseted bags, Folded Bottom bags, Kraft pouches, Side Seams and Side Gusseted pouches.

Within the food industry, our resealable stand up pouches are highly suitable for:

  • Frozen food packaging – anything from frozen peas to frozen chicken. Resealable pouches are made for stress-free transportation and handling, while delivering maximum convenience to your customers.
  • Health food packaging – your customers can keep powdered base health products like protein powder and cocoa powder fresh by simply resealing the package.
  • Dry food packaging – pouches with or without valve are versatile and highly suitable for items such as coffee and tea.
  • Confectionery packaging – sweets and chocolates benefit from clear polythene bags or pouches as consumers can see your tempting products inside the bag.

Make Your products Visible

Beyond the different pouch sizes we carry, we also offer bespoke pouch packaging to make your products stand out from the competition. We have an in-house design team ready to implement your packaging design ideas and give your product a new lease of life.

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