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High Barrier Pouches – The Perfect Pouch for you?

High Barrier Pouches – The Perfect Pouch for you?

If you’re looking for flexible stand up pouch packaging that can give your product that extra bit of protection, high barrier pouches from Polypouch are the right choice for you. Made from a laminated aluminium, PET, PP and PE, our high barrier stand up bags offer a protective layer and keep your products fresher for longer.

The Uses of a High Barrier Pouch

Researchers have found that high barrier pouches will be one of the most commonly used packaging methods by the year 2020. Protective layering can withstand high autoclaving temperatures required for pasteurisation or sterilisation, particularly relevant to the food and pet food industries. Check out our retort packaging section for more information.

Juice and alcoholic drinks are also a popular application for high barrier pouches. If you are a food or drink manufacturer and would like to enjoy the benefits of high barrier pouch packaging, talk to us today. Our high barrier pouches are economical and will protect your products.

Resealable stand up pouch options increase the versatility of this type of packaging, making them useful for a variety of multi-use products. Sectors including beauty products and medical items are perfect candidates for high barrier resealable pouches. If you are selling beauty and medical products, talk to us today and we will be glad to help.

Custom pouches that keep freshness

Come to Polypouch to make your product stand out from the rest. We have a design studio ready to turn your idea into a bespoke standup pouch packaging design. With Polypouch, you can promote your brand through intelligent design and make your products instantly visible on retail shelving.

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