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High Barrier Pouches – The Market Boom

High Barrier Pouches – The Market Boom

In the ever-evolving world of product packaging, high barrier pouches and foil bags are quickly emerging as some of the most popular types of flexible packaging.  But why is this, and is it a trend we should expect to see grow further?

What are high barrier pouches?

High barrier pouches are a form of flexible pouch packaging, and their popularity is most definitely on the up.  Relatively recently, all flexible packaging films have had some degree of permeability to them, allowing for oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour to pass through. However, as industries increasingly require flexible packaging with a complete barrier, increasingly multilaminate films are being used.

High barrier pouches are quickly servicing this need.  With multi-laminate layers, a high-barrier coating and a base film, technically they meet requirements of providing a complete barrier when required.

High barrier pouches are really coming into their own however thanks to the ability to add excellent practical features to them, such as resealable zippers and sliders, as well as punched handles, screw tops and spouts.

Which industries are using high barrier pouches?

Traditionally, the food and beverage industries have been the biggest users of high barrier bags. A report by Smithers Pira stated that in 2014, food use accounted for 43.1% of the global use of high barrier pouches. The beverage industry accounted for 25.4%, pet food 6.3% and a non-food category covered 25.1%.

Within the drinks industry, juice drinks are the highest area of application for the pouches, followed by wine and other alcohol products such as bespoke cocktails.  Other growth industries for spout bags and spout pouches include washing detergents and home cleaning products, face masks, frozen foods and other dry food product that relies on freshness, such as ground coffee.

Additionally, agricultural products including fertilisers are seeing a huge growth in the adoption of high barrier pouches.

Will the growth continue?

Research and Markets, one of the leading worldwide market research companies, forecast that the global market for high barrier pouches will continue to grow.  During the period 2016-2020, the Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is forecast to be 6.83%.

In 2014, North America was the largest market for high-barrier pouch packaging with a total of 31.9%, closely followed by Asia Pacific at 27.1%. While much of the Asia Pacific share is from Japan, other rapidly-developing areas of the region are expected to push this share up over the next five years, potentially placing it ahead of North America. Western Europe is also a strong market.

High barrier pouches in your industry?

The industries adopting high barrier pouches for packaging is likely to continue to expand, and so considering whether they have a place within your industry is undoubtedly worth your while.

Offering fully printed bespoke stand up pouches for branding is allowing high barrier pouches to emerge into new industries all of the time. High barrier pouches can give products a shelf life well in excess of one year.

Why choose Polypouch?

Our clients are very demanding and so we’ve built our business around:

  • A wealth of experience in flexible packaging
  • A commitment to offering unrivalled customer service
  • Speed of delivery

That’s why we’re a chosen supplier to well known brands, with tight production and delivery timescales. They can rely on us and so can your business.

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