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Gusset Bags: The features and benefits

Gusset Bags: The features and benefits

Gusset bags are known by many names including flat bottom pouches, box bottom bags, side gusset bags and square bottom pouches. Yet, whatever you choose to call them, their innovative design remains the same.

A gusset bag combines the flat bottom of a box with the flexibility of a pouch, creating a form of packaging that offers both stability and versatility. With their signature flat bottom, gusset bags are able to hold more product per square inch, providing a flexible packaging solution for larger products, with many agreeing that having a wider packaging solution allows for greater visibility of the products inside.

To ensure your packaging effectively meets the needs of your products, gusset bags are available both with and without a valve. Most popularly used to package and store coffee beans, gusset bags with valves allow for any gases released by the coffee to easily escape the packaging, while keeping your coffee beans fresh and secure.

Types of gusset bags

At Polypouch, we supply a range of high-quality flat bottom gusset bags, each designed to meet the needs of your brand, products and consumers.

Chrome gusset pouches

Chrome flat bottom gusset bags are made from high barrier materials such as PET and aluminium. Due to these materials acting as an extra layer of protection from moisture, oxygen, UV light and bacteria, chrome side gusset bags are commonly used in both the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Our chrome side gusset bags come with a number of customisation options in a huge variety of sizes. With five panels to design, gusset bags offer a considerable amount of space for brand promotion. Whether you use all five panels to present your brand or a window on the front panel for product display, our bespoke packaging design service means you can tailor your flat bottom gusset bags to suit your brand preferences and product requirements.

Clear gusset bags

Clear side gusset bags are the perfect solution to displaying your products to consumers. Most commonly used to display snacks and confectionary, clear flat bottom gusset bags offer consumers unbeatable visibility of the goods inside.

Made from PET and PE, our transparent gusset bags feature grip seal tops which allow customers easy access and the ability to reseal if desired. Available in a selection of sizes to suit various items, our clear gusset bags allow your products to become the selling point of your brand.

Kraft flat bottom pouches

Kraft paper gusset bags have proven to be a popular choice in the organic food industry, as independent food producers have searched for a more natural and sustainable form of packaging for their products. Yet, not only the go-to-way of reflecting your brand’s environmental values, Kraft paper packaging is also extremely sturdy, versatile and easy to customise to meet your brand’s requirements.

Choosing your gusset bag

With each type of flat bottom gusset bag offerings its own benefits and features, it may be challenging to know which type of gusset bag will best suit the needs of your products. Luckily, we’re here to help.

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