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The unexpected use of stand-up pouches for subscription box packaging

The unexpected use of stand-up pouches for subscription box packaging

Even before the global pandemic, subscription boxes were already on the rise, enticing people with the ease and variety they offer, at next to no effort required from customers. Since social distancing measures were put in place and many retailers closed their physical stores, subscription deliveries have skyrocketed even further.

Over the last couple of months, we’ve had lots of enquiries coming through about pouches for subscription boxes, so we’ve decided to take a look at the many different industries they can work for:

Recipe boxes

Potentially the biggest MVP of lockdown, recipe boxes owe their popularity to the fact that they offer customers pre-packaged and pre-measured ingredients. Designed to save time and reduce food waste, recipe boxes are the perfect home for plastic pouches which can house anything from spices and finely chopped ingredients to fried onions and panko breadcrumbs. As well as being easy to tear open and use, food pouches are champions at keeping all the ingredients fresh until they’re needed.

Makeup boxes

Another type of subscription box taking the retail world by storm is the makeup box medley. Based on customer preferences and skin type, as well as particular seasons and occasions, makeup subscription boxes pack a bunch of miniature samples from different brands, allowing customers to try various products before buying the full-size version. Pouches, in particular, are very popular for packaging cosmetic samples, as they’re lightweight, compact and let consumers access 99% of the contents.

Fitness foods

From working with a personal trainer to creating a fitness regime for yourself at home, any well-rounded workout plan features health foods and supplements. Jumping on the growing trend, retailers have started offering gym subscription boxes, providing customers with workout essentials as well as a monthly selection of protein powers and other supplements. Stand up pouches are a great idea for nutrition packaging, as they can be easily resealed to keep the contents fresh and prevent any accidental spills.

Cocktail taster boxes

Wannabe mixologists are scrambling to get their hands on one of the latest subscription box crazes – the cocktail tasters. Whether you offer a package which lets customers try preparing the cocktails at home, or you send out a ready-made selection they can sample, pouch packaging is the right choice for you. Resealable pouches are unrivalled when it comes to storing ingredients that need to be kept fresh, while spout pouches are the undisputable winner for cocktail mixes consumers can just squeeze out.

Other nifty ways to use a pouch for your subscription box

Plastic pouches are also incredibly convenient for a bunch of subscription boxes tailored to more niche tastes. Loose leaf teas aficionados are bound to love a monthly delivery of beautifully designed pouches with a selection of flavours to try. Keen gardeners meanwhile can easily store pouches of flower seeds they have delivered while the right time comes to plant them. Even pet treats can be easily packaged in a pouch and delivered to pet owners monthly in the shape of a small care package for their furry friend.

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