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The most popular uses for stand up pouches

The most popular uses for stand up pouches

Few flexible packaging options are quite as versatile as stand up pouches. Used predominantly by the food, health and cosmetics industries, stand up bags are gradually making their way into other spheres as the preferred packaging solution.

The key reason for the popularity of stand up pouches is their versatility – the sky is the limit when it comes to the ways you can use them. Manufacturers and eco-friendly packaging enthusiasts are revolutionising the ways in which we think about the simple stand up bag by constantly pushing the boundaries and coming up with new ways to package various products in these pouches.

From liquids and solid foods to completely non-food related items, stand up pouches can hold all sorts of contents. Take spout stand up bags, for instance – easy to use and secure to seal, they are the perfect replacement for plastic bottles. Adding a zip lock to your stand up pouch, meanwhile, will give it an added advantage when it comes to packaging food.

Spanning far beyond food and drink, stand up bags can be seen housing a variety of day-to-day items such as medicine, beauty products and even pet food, their popularity owed entirely to the ease of use, storage and transportation they offer.

Here are just a few of the many uses for stand up pouches:

Juice drinks, cocktails and other liquids

Fully approved by food and drink regulators, stand up bags are perfect for safely packaging liquids such as juice drinks and ready-made cocktails. Spout drink pouches in particular are an increasingly popular packaging alternative to bottles. Many drink manufacturers are jumping on board, lured by the cost-effective solution for their products. The reduced weight of stand up pouches makes them more economical to transport and warehouse, while their flexible shape allows retailers to easily display larger quantities in their stores.

Ground coffee and loose-leaf tea

Stand up bags are also perfect for packaging tea and coffee. Manufactured with multiple layers which protect the contents from external factors such as humidity and dust, stand up pouches are the ideal solution for protecting the aroma of your goods.

Baby food

The high barrier properties of stand up bags make them a go-to solution for a variety of food products which need to be kept extra clean from any external contamination, such as baby food. Hygiene aside, stand up pouches with a spout make feeding toddlers a piece of cake, and helps parents keep the contents from spilling everywhere when they are on the go.

Sweets and snacks

Another popular food group for stand up pouch packaging is candy and snacks. Often sold in bags containing multiple pieces, snacks are the perfect lightweight item manufacturers can package in a stand up bag. As well as being a cost-effective packaging alternative for sweets, pouches are easy to store in large quantities and incredibly user-friendly. It’s no wonder consumers love stand up bags – they are sturdy enough not to rip, while also allowing effortless handling and reliable resealing.

Food supplements

At the other end of the spectrum we also have health food packaging. The exceptional ability of stand up pouches to safeguard contents proves very handy for packaging supplements such as protein powders, which need to preserve their nutritional value for extended periods of time. Not to mention the amount of potential mess customers can avoid when their health food is stored in a resealable stand up bag.

Pet treats and wet food

Aside from food and drink for humans, the pet food industry is perhaps the biggest supporter of stand up pouches. Much more convenient to store and use than cans, pet food pouches are the preferred option for both manufacturers and pet owners. Pouches with treats are the perfect companion during a dog walk, while wet food pouches which contain more than one serving can be easily resealed to preserve the freshness of the contents and reduce wastage.

Household essentials

As we mentioned above, stand up bags are also suitable for a variety of non-food items. From bathroom and beauty products such as shampoo, shower gel and face-masks to household must-haves like washing powder and fabric softener, stand up pouches are an incredibly versatile solution for your packaging needs. As an added bonus, resealable pouches make for perfect refill packs, enabling you to encourage consumers to refill their existing bottles at home – yet another way to reduce single use plastic waste.

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