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The Many Uses of Spout pouches

The Many Uses of Spout pouches

Few things are quite as inconvenient as storing leftover food or drink when their original packaging was not intended to be reusable. Think juice dripping down the fridge, sauce knocked over on kitchen surfaces, baby food smeared all over the floor. Fortunately, such mishaps can easily be prevented with the right type of packaging.

Enter the spout drink pouch. Currently a food and beverage industry favourite, spout bags are an incredibly versatile type of flexible packaging which allows for the easy storage of liquids and pastes. In addition to being super customisable, spouts are beloved by food and drink manufacturers for the economic use of resources they boast over alternatives such as tubs and bottles.

Spout pouches offer a number of benefits. In addition to reducing spillage, they are user-friendly, both for manufacturers and customers. Easily filled, spout bags can also be efficiently emptied – in fact, customers can use up to 99.5% of the contents, reducing waste and making the most of the product. Manufacturers can also take advantage of the multiple customisation options and rest assured that their products are packaged in spouts made exclusively from the highest quality materials.

The many uses of spout pouches range from traditional to really innovative. Below we’ve listed some of the most common ones:

Food spout bags

When it comes to the food industry, perhaps the most reliant on spout pouches are the manufacturers of baby food. The perfect size for effortless filling and dispensing, spouts prevent foods like vegetable puree from accidentally tipping out during use. Similar logic makes spout bags a popular option for children’s fruit juices too, while adult food manufacturers often turn to spout pouches for products which need to remain fresh longer, such as soups, sauces and condiments, as well as syrups and sweeteners.

Drink spout pouches

The food industry is successfully dipping into the flexible packaging world of spouts, but drinks manufacturers are benefitting the most from the versatility of spout bags by far. Whether they’re looking to mix up the feel of their brand, or simply opting for a more practical packaging solution, businesses in the beverage industry are increasingly betting on the flexibility of spout pouches for the success of their drinks.

As well as being physically flexible, which makes them easy to transport and store, spouts are also incredibly versatile, which makes them the perfect host for liquids ranging from juices, sports drinks and energy drinks to alcoholic beverages such as wine and pre-made bespoke cocktails which can be stored in the freezer until it’s time for pre-drinks. 

Other uses of spouts

As we mentioned above, the uses of spout pouches span far beyond food and beverages. Spout bags are becoming more and more common in the cosmetics industry as manufacturers realise they are the perfect packaging fit for face masks, pastes, oils and even liquid soaps or shampoos. Petite in size, easy to use and resistant to spills, cosmetic spouts are the perfect travel companion.

Other industries are also adopting spout pouches for packaging anything from ointments to home cleaning products and washing detergents, as well as more unconventional materials such as car wash and windshield wiper liquid.

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