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The many ways you can use pouches for drinks packaging

The many ways you can use pouches for drinks packaging

Drinks manufacturers looking to change the look and feel of their products are consistently won over by the flexibility of our drink stand up pouches.

We’re are not just being literal here (although as flexible packaging goes, pouches are as good as it gets!). Drink pouches are exceptionally versatile and will accommodate virtually any products that come under the ‘drinks’ category – from energy drinks to cocktails, and everything in between.

Here’s some of the amazing ways you can use pouch drink packaging for your business:

Spout pouches – the multipurpose drinks packaging design

When it comes to drink stand up pouches, spouts bags are a genius invention which allow you to package a variety of liquids in an environmentally friendly and economical way.

The possibilities of what you can sell in spout drinks packaging are endless. Beverage businesses, naturally, are the biggest fans, using the drinks pouch for juice and soft drinks packaging, energy drinks packaging, wine and for the increasingly popular pre-made cocktails that customers can keep chilled or frozen.

Pouches are also preferred by food manufacturers for packaging children’s food, such as juice and vegetable puree, or soups and sauces that need to remain fresh for longer.

The benefits? Drinks pouch packaging cut down spillages, are easy to fill, and help minimise waste because customers can squeeze out up to 99.5% of the contents – maximising their enjoyment of the product! Made from quality materials and incredibly customisable, drinks pouches will also meet all of your requirements as a manufacturer.

As well as being a fantastic option to house your liquid projects, spout drinks packaging are ideal if you want to distribute samples of liquids and pastes, as they are lightweight, easy to access and can be printed with engaging designs.

Stand up pouches – an eye-catching drink packaging alternative

You want your products to stand out on a busy supermarket shelf, and specialise in designing outstanding stand up pouches with this goal in mind. Grab the attention of your customers with custom drinks packaging designs and specialised effects which are sure to convey your unique brand identity!

Drinks pouches are also economical for space. They can lie flat in warehouse storage and be easily transported to the shops where you are displaying them.

This storage perk will also win over your customers. In a retail environment crowded with clunky bottles or cartons which take up too much space, drinks packaging that’s easy to store is a plus.

Kraft pouches & coffee packaging

In fact, you don’t even have to sell liquids to use our drinks packaging. We have a selection of Kraft bags and coffee pouch packaging that keep your freshly roasted coffee beans, ground coffee or loose leaf tea in top condition, so your customers can make the perfect cuppa.

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