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Qualities of Good Packaging

Qualities of Good Packaging

We start this blog with a question – Why do we need product packaging? Most readers would instantly say ‘to protect the contents from damage’ – they are absolutely right. The first and foremost function of packaging is to safeguard the contents. But other than this, packaging has multifaceted roles and serves many other functions too.

A well packaged product should also be economical to produce, easy to handle and transport, and can promote your products in the best light, thereby influencing customers to purchase your products.

Coffee Packaging – Pouches are Perfect

Ground coffee and/or coffee beans tend to come in coffee pouches, a form of flexible packaging, due to a host of benefits which we shall discuss in detail.

Good packaging allows you to incorporate all vital information about the product. Stand up pouches have a large printable area, so apart from listing standard information such as manufacturing date, expiry date and product SKU, you can really differentiate your coffee by including your unique selling points such as where the beans are from, the method you use to roast them, the strength of the coffee, along with an illustrative guide on how to brew an aromatic cup of coffee for your enjoyment.

Standup pouches are lightweight and durable – they are easy to transport and store, which in many instances help to reduce the transportation costs (in comparison to rigid packaging) and cut down waste. Resealable pouches are particularly useful as they keep your coffee beans fresh for a long time. Why not check out our high barrier bags or bespoke coffee packaging?

Pouches keep your coffee fresh, away from contamination, moisture and oxygen. Resealable pouches are particularly useful as they maintain the flavour and aroma of your coffee.

Coffee packed in stand up pouches are also shatterproof, while allowing consumers access the content easily.

Choose Your Coffee Pouches & Coffee Packaging Bags

At Polypouch UK, we supply Coffee Pouches with or without 1-way valves. Apart from Coffee Pouches, we also supply Coffee Packaging Bags with grip-seal closure.

We are a prominent supplier of quality packaging – providing Standup Bags, Resealable Pouches, Stand Up Pouches and so much more. We supply printed pouches that cater to various customer requirements. Our pouches are available in a variety of coloured materials and a huge amount of different sizes and assortments.

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