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How To Create Packaging For Your Fishing Bait and Boilie Products

How To Create Packaging For Your Fishing Bait and Boilie Products

Whether you cater to short session and weekend anglers, or the true fishing connoisseurs, there are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your business’ fishing bait or boilie packaging is packaged in a way that’s both appealing and convenient.

#1. Anticipate your customers’ needs

Knowing the features of your fishing bait packaging that are most useful to your customers is the most important step when deciding on the type of bait pouches to go for. Fishing bait pouches are suitable for a variety of fishing bait and boilie products, and will be handy all year round.

A resealable stand up bag is a big plus point for your end customer as they would allow the fish bait or boilie to maintain its freshness once it’s been opened.  What’s more, anglers will find pouch packaging extremely easy to use and appreciate that it helps them reduce waste both by minimising spills and preserving the bait for longer time periods.

#2. Tailor to your product offering

In order to become a big fish in the industry, you have to invest in packaging which can cater to all the different product types you offer. Bespoke stand up pouches and bags, like the options that Polypouch offer, are suitable for everything from shelf life and freezer baits to pouches for pellets, active mixes and ground baits.

Whether its pellets, soft hookers, boilies, or ground bait – all of these can be showcased to customers in bespoke fishing product packaging. In addition to being incredibly convenient and protective of the product, it is also eye catching and optimally designed to display the contents for customers to pick and choose.

Liquid attractors are also used by some angles in conjunction with food baits. If these are part of your product offering, our fishing bait pouches will be handy both to store liquids and to use as a container for infusing the liquid into the boilies.

Whether your fishing products are dry, semi-moist or liquid, fishing bait stand up pouches are the perfect packaging solution.

#3. Consult with in-house professionals

As market-leading suppliers of flexible packaging for the fishing bait industry, Polypouch provide the expertise of a fishing specialist who has a keen knowledge of bait storage and preservation. They can guide you through a simple process to give your fishing bait packaging the edge in the tackle shop and superb freshness on the bank.

#4. Keep it eco-friendly

If you’re making an effort to keep your business environmentally friendly, choosing fishing bait packaging which comes with eco benefits is a big step in the right direction. Here at Polypouch, we are very conscious about the various effects plastic has on the environment – both in terms of production, and the waste created at the end of a product’s life. We are hard at work making all our standup pouches recyclable as well as promoting flexible packaging to local authorities.

When it comes to environmental policies, we believe in finding the balance between reducing the impact plastic packaging has on the environment, whilst also recognising its importance where protecting products and minimising waste is concerned.

In summary…

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right packaging for your fishing bait or boilie. As long as you place your customers’ needs front and centre, and consider additional factors such as the uses and environmental merits of your fishing product packaging, success in the busy retail environment will be inevitable.

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