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What is foil packaging?

What is foil packaging?

Foil packaging is the latest trend in protective packaging solutions. Following the events of the last year, more and more businesses have gone in search of new ways to package their products to provide their customers with peace of mind. After all, there’s little use in consumers following the stringent hand-washing rules if the products that they purchase are already contaminated.

Fortunately, foil packaging is able to protect products on the inside from elements on the outside. Whether it be aluminium pouches or chrome bags, foil packaging is on the rise for its protective properties.

What do foil pouches protect products from?

Foil lined bags have a high-barrier lining, which acts as a protective layer to stop moisture, bacteria and oxygen from entering the packaging and spoiling the products.


Bacteria could have a detrimental impact on the hygiene and safety of products. Important in industries such as medical and pharmaceutical and food and drink, using foil pouches will guarantee your products are safe to use, mitigating the risk of contamination.


Oxygen is responsible for accelerating the development of mould and yeast, making it one of the key reasons that food products spoil. By choosing foil bags with high barrier properties, you can create an air-tight seal, keeping your products fresher for longer.


If moisture or water vapor enters the packaging of dry products, it can quickly cause mould to form. This means, by the time your products make it to the supermarket shelf, they could already be unsuitable for use. Using foil bags will enable you to protect your products, consumers and brand reputation.

What are the uses of foil packaging?

With a number of valuable benefits, foil packaging has proven to be extremely popular in two major industries.

Medical and pharmaceutical

In the medical and pharmaceuticals industry, high-barrier pouches are used to safely store and transport items. From medical samples to pharmaceutical prescriptions, aluminium foil pouch packaging provides an optimum environment for storage and transportation.

Food and drinks

Within the food and drinks industry, foil pouches are commonly used to maintain the freshness of products. From ground coffee and dried fruit to juice drinks and cocktails, foil bags offer a fantastic solution to extending the shelf life of products.

Order foil pouches from Polypouch

If you believe your products could benefit from foil packaging, get in touch with Polypouch.

Polypouch are leading suppliers of foil packaging types and are here to advise you on the best packaging for your product requirements. We offer both chrome and aluminium pouches in a variety of sizes and seal types. So, whether you have dry products that require a grip/zip seal or liquid products that would benefit from a screw top, we can provide foil packaging that ticks all the right boxes.

To ensure your foil packaging stays true to your brand whilst adding value to your product, we specialise in bespoke printed foil bags. These can be fully customised with your brand design and product information, producing a high-end finished product which will look great either in store or online.

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