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Promote Your Brand with Bespoke Packaging

Promote Your Brand with Bespoke Packaging

If you are selling a consumer product, naturally you want your customers and prospects to recognise your brand and identity easily in the marketplace. And it goes without saying that a good, strong branding provides the following benefits:

  • Speeds up new product acceptance;
  • Increases the value of your product and your company;
  • Commands higher prices;
  • Resists price erosion.

While big companies can spend millions, or even billions, to promote their brands and products (Pampers had an advertising budget of $8.3billion in 2016) – many SMEs simply don’t have that kind of budget and therefore have to think creatively. This is where standup pouches can help.

Pouches are highly versatile, yet very economical. The best thing is you can custom print on these pouches, prominently displaying your logo, company’s name, website address, email, and other primary information about your company. When you give away product samples in standup bags, or display these pouches at a business event, they will catch the right attention and invoke a positive sentiment from your customers and prospects.

Polypouch can help

Polypouch UK is a trustworthy pouch packaging supplier. We supply a wide variety of pouches, such as Stand Up Pouches, Spout Pouches, Resealable Pouches, Kraft Pouches, Coffee Pouches, Transparent Pouches, Metallic Foil Pouches and High Barrier Pouches. These pouches are available in aluminium, clear material or coloured materials, as well as in various shapes and sizes, suitable for fresh and frozen food, liquid items, cosmetic, medical, among others.

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