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Discover the benefits of spout pouches

Discover the benefits of spout pouches

One of the most popular types of flexible packaging, especially in the food and beverage industry, is the spout pouch – now increasingly used for a variety of products like baby food, energy drinks, cocktails and ever car screen wash, spout pouches are incredibly customisable and versatile, and make for an environmentally friendly, economical alternative to other types of plastic packaging, like bottles and tubs.

Food manufacturers are increasingly relying on spout pouches for the flexible packaging of children’s food – mainly juice and vegetable puree – as spouts are great for achieving the balance between allowing the easy filling and dispensing of liquid and preventing spillage during use. Moreover, food products which rely on keeping fresh longer (e.g. soup, cocktail mixes) and frozen foods are also an ideal application for spout packaging.

Unsurprisingly, the beverage industry is the most heavily reliant on spout pouches – juice drinks are heading the list of areas where spout pouches are widely applied, followed by alcoholic beverages such as wine and the increasingly trendy pre-made bespoke cocktails.

The use of spout pouches, however, is not limited to the food & drink industry. Spout bags are growing in popularity across industries, for packaging home cleaning products and washing detergents, as well as cosmetic products like face masks. Spout pouches make for great sample packaging as well – a spout with a cap is an ideal way to distribute samples of pastes and liquids.

Our spout pouches are made from quality materials – a selection of laminates (Aluminium, PET, PP, Nylon, PE etc.) is used when producing the spout bags, You can also choose from a number of colours (clear, white and gold) and finishes for your spout bags, and pick the size (from 250ml to 3 litres) which best fits your requirements.

There are a number of benefits to choosing spout pouch packaging:

  • Evacuation – our spout pouches allow you to use up to 99.5% of the product, meaning you are able to minimise food waste
  • Ease – spout bags enable your customers ease of access to your product on the move
  • Economy – as a practical type of flexible packaging, spout bags are more economical than the more traditional food packaging options on the market
  • Environment – spout pouch packaging uses up less natural resources to produce, meaning it is significantly more eco-friendly than plastic bottles, for example.
  • Engagement – using high-quality custom prints on your spout bags will help your products stand out in the busy retail environment
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