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Product Packaging: The Various Uses of Plastic Packaging Materials

Product Packaging: The Various Uses of Plastic Packaging Materials

Product packaging used to have a single purpose – to contain the items placed in them. We used yesterday’s newspapers to wrap our fish and chips while the thin pages from a phone directory were ideal for holding knickknack purchases from sweets to screws.

Today, the roles of packaging are multifaceted. The sole purpose of containing the item isn’t good enough, useful packaging must also deliver the following:

·       Hygiene – keep items away from contamination and/or other factors such as dust, moisture and oxygen.
·       Durable – easy to transport and store.
·       Promotional – printed with a clear message to communicate your brand and promote your products.
·       Influence customers to purchase.

Plastic is one of the materials that has all the above qualities plus a host of added benefits such as:

·       Safety – plastic packaging is shatterproof.
·       Light weight – plastic is incredibly light in weight but high in strength.
·       Security – plastic packaging can be produced and used with child resistant or temper-evident closures.
·       Easy access – customers can see the content clearly and can easily tear open to access the content.

With a long list of practical benefits, it is no wonder the demand for plastic pouch packaging continues to grow. Here are a few industries that rely on plastic stand up pouches to deliver.

Food Packaging

In the food industry, Plastic Packaging is a one-stop solution to all kinds of packaging needs. Common types of plastic packaging used in the food industry are:

·       Plastic Bottles
·       Plastic Pouches
·       Plastic Bags
·       Plastic Wrappers
·       Plastic Resealable Pouches
·       Tetra Packs

Pharmaceutical Packaging

We are all familiar with our prescription pills such as those that come in a pack of 12 and each pill sits neatly in a clamshell. This type of packaging is called Blister Pack, or Clamshell. Apart from that, Aluminium foil pouches which provide one of the best barriers available in the flexible packaging industry are also widely used.

Cosmetics Packaging

Just like pharmaceutical products, we want our cosmetic products (cream, powder, sponges and blushes) to arrive in perfect condition. Plastic packaging helps to ensure that the quality is not compromised during the logistics and transportation processes.

Let Polypouch Fulfil Your Plastic Packaging Needs

Polypouch, a trusted supplier of plastic pouches for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics industries across the UK, can help to fulfil your plastic packaging demands. Our leading products include:

·       Small Pouches
·       Stand Up Pouches
·       High Barrier Pouches
·       Spout Bags, and many more.

Plastic is also very easy to print on. Using plastic in product packaging means you can custom print your logo and message, making your product highly visible on the retail shelves and getting your brand across to your customers. At Polypouch, we have a Graphics Studio that can take your initial design ideas and evolve them into a workable design, economically. We can also do custom printing if it is required.

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