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Low-Budget but Highly Effective Ideas to Promote Your Brand (and How a Polybag Can Help!)

Low-Budget but Highly Effective Ideas to Promote Your Brand (and How a Polybag Can Help!)

When it comes to marketing, often big bucks don’t necessarily mean tangible results. If you are a small business owner, there are plenty of effective marketing tactics which can help you to boost your brand and acquire new customers on a small budget. For the purpose of discussion here, let us group them into 3 broad categories:

Online Marketing: Tweets, Posts and Polls

Having a strong Social Media presence is a must in today’s digital age. Building up your Tweeter followers with humorous one-liners or open-ended questions (like ‘Is Jaffa Cake a Cake or a Biscuit?) can quickly make you popular. Equally, a good-hearted blog or Facebook posts tend to be shared quickly and widely. Polls are good to get opinions and gain insight to your customer profiles, anything from ‘What’s the best book you have read in 2016?’ to ‘Are you a coffee or tea person?’ These generate excitement and keep the conversation going.

Print Marketing: Flyers

Although direct mail and business cards are widely considered ineffectively, printed flyers haven’t lost their relevance. Flyers are particularly useful in trade shows or fair booths when you want to present your information quickly. As they can be printed in small batches, they are useful for seasonal products like you only give away flyers on handmade Christmas Baubles from mid-October to December.

Urban Marketing: On-site

The idea here is to make use the outdoor environment to broadcast your message. It can be street chalk on a pavement or a mural outside your office. They are usually colourful and attention-grabbing.

Try-it-first Marketing: Samples

Samples really work, as people tend to buy your products, especially food products, if they can try first. One easy (and inexpensive) way to package your product samples is to make use of the highly convenient polybags, or stand up pouches. If your sample is liquid (your own blend of fruit juice), or paste (your own blend of curry paste), spout bags with a cap are the ideal sample packaging.

Why Package Your Samples?

If you are thinking of handling out your product samples on the street without any packaging, it may be worth taking some time to consider the proposition. There are many benefits to packaging your product samples neatly in stand up pouches:

·      Presentation – Polythene pouches and spout bags keep your products away from moisture and dust, so your products are fresh and hygienic.

·      Cost Effective – They are one of the most economical packaging options. Best still, you don’t have to order a million of them at one go.

·      Durable – You can transport and store them easily; while customers can simply tear or unscrew the cap to access the content.

·      Fancy Add-ons – You can custom print on these bags and pouches.

Fancy Polythene Bags

If you want your product samples to stand out even more, coloured polythene bags may be your choice. Available in Blue, Red (suitable for Christmas), Magenta, Orange and Black (suitable for Halloween), they come in different sizes and specifications.

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