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Why Flexible Packaging is Perfect for Your Growing Businesses

Why Flexible Packaging is Perfect for Your Growing Businesses

Common challenges faced by growing businesses

If your business has recently gone through a period of growth, it may be time to revaluate your choice of product packaging. Without realising it, your packaging could be having a huge impact on the efficiency of your growing business. By failing to adapt, your packaging could be causing you to spend more than you need to on storage and shipping.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most common challenges growing businesses face and how packaging could be the solution to building a business that’s as efficient and profitable as possible.

Space for materials

As your business grows, so too will the storage space you require. With rocketing consumer demand, you’ll need to expand your facilities to accommodate for more products, more packaging and more shipping materials. If you’re unable to expand or relocate to accommodate for your company’s growth, you’ll need to find a way of utilising the space you have currently have available to allow you to continue to meet your customers’ needs.

Packaging can take up a huge amount of space, especially if it’s a form of rigid packaging. As bottles, tubs and jars can’t be condensed in any way, your packaging could be taking up the majority of your space. And, as your company grows, you could end up with a crowded and inefficient working environment. By switching to form of flexible packaging, which can easily be flattened, you’ll be able to store more packaging in the space you have available, more effectively preparing your business for continued growth. An example of convenient flexible packaging would be stand-up pouches.

Shipping costs

As you begin to process more orders, you’ll need to find a cost-effective way to ship and deliver your products.

During large shipments, it’s important you’re able to efficiently load your products to fit as many products onto a single batch as possible. The more space each product requires, the more shipments you will have to carry out to meet consumer demand. For smaller loads, it’s also valuable to consider the weight of your packaging, to determine how much your packaging is contributing to your overall shipping costs.

If you’re using rigid and heavy forms of packaging such as glass jars and metal cans, you’ll likely find yourself spending more on shipping as your company grows. Instead, you should try using a form of flexible packaging, such as clear pouches or bulk bags. In doing, so your packaging will be lighter and enable you to more efficiently load items for delivery.

Product range

With company growth and success, you may find yourself expanding your original product line to meet consumer demand for more size availability. In this event, it’s beneficial to have a form of packaging that can be easily sized up and down, to create a cohesive product range and maintain consistent branding. After all, if you were to use different forms of packaging to accommodate for different sizes, you would also need to make sure each type of packaging effectively met the needs of your products.

With flexible packaging, you can easily achieve a wide range of packaging sizes, from small sachets to bulk pouches, enabling your product line to grow alongside your business. Whether you require clear pouches for visibility or aluminium pouches for protection, flexible packaging can be customised in size and material, balancing the needs of both your consumers and products.

Environmental impact

Environmental impact can be a pressing issue for growing businesses. With a higher volume of orders and an expanding delivery reach, your carbon footprint is likely to grow. Whilst you can’t limit your orders, you can make changes to your packaging to increase the efficiency and sustainability of your shipping process.

As previously mentioned, bulky forms of packaging will require more space and therefore more shipments for orders to be completed. And, if the packaging is also heavy, more pollutants will be released by the lorries during transportation. By using flexible pouch packaging that is lighter and more space efficient, you can effectively cut back on delivery emissions and lessen the environmental impact of your growing business.

The flexible packaging solution for growing businesses

If you’re interested in using packaging that can continue to support your growing business towards success, get in touch with Polypouch. With our custom pouch packaging design service, we can take on board the needs of your products, consumers and business to provide you with a packaging solution that ticks all the boxes.

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