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What type of pouch packaging is right for your products?

What type of pouch packaging is right for your products?

It’s no secret why flexible packaging is so popular amongst business owners from all industries – stand up pouches offer unrivalled versatility and environmental advantages which set them aside from other packaging options.

All our polypouches can be customised in shape, size and material according to your unique specifications. If you’ve decided to use stand up pouches to package your products, answer these questions to determine what type of plastic pouch you need to order:

Are you packaging food in your pouches?

Food and confectionery stand up pouches supplied by Polypouch UK

Our bespoke food pouches are specifically designed to protect and preserve your food and confectionary products, ensuring the contents remain fresh for longer. All of our bespoke standup pouches and packaging is food grade, and we can provide you with certification if you require BRC accredited packaging.

Whether you are packaging ready meals, sauces, condiments or loose items such as nuts and biscuits, our food pouches are very consumer-friendly – customers can easily reseal them and save the remaining contents for later.

Resealable stand up pouches are also more convenient for health food packaging – such as protein powder and food supplements. They keep the contents fresh and untampered with, along with making them a lot harder to spill.

Does your plastic packaging need to be microwaveable?

If your food packaging needs to be microwave-safe, we also offer bespoke retort pouches and doypacks made with materials that can withstand high pressures and extreme temperatures. Our microwave stand up pouches will appeal to your customers who eat on the go, because they are super lightweight and can easily be packed away for lunch.

Are you selling organic/bio products?

Kraft stand up pouch supplied by Polypouch UK

Whether you are packaging freshly ground coffee, loose leaf tea or raw sweets, you can make sure your products look as natural on the outside as they are on the inside with our Kraft pouches. What’s more, customers with cleaner, more ‘bio’ lifestyle will be won over by the eco-friendliness of Kraft packaging.

Are you packaging drinks or pastes in your stand up pouches?

Spout pouch packaging is the perfect solution if you specialise in drinks manufacturing. From juice and energy drinks to pre-made cocktails and even baby food, spout pouches provide a great user experience to your customers by minimising risk of spills and allowing for easy refills.

Does your product packaging need to be extra safe and sturdy?

Laboratory, Biological & Medical Stand up Pouches and Bags by Polypouch UK

For the industries that require plastic packaging with an added layer of sturdiness, we offer high barrier pouches made with PET, Aluminium and LDPE laminate which protects your products from UV light, moisture and oxygen. You can also customise the thickness of your foil packaging as an additional measure to keep your medical or health samples and products safe from contamination.

Will your products be displayed in a retail environment?

All of our stand up pouches are designed to help your products stand out in a crowded marketplace. Whether you are displaying your goods in a busy supermarket or a specialised shop, like a pet food or fishing supplies store, our slick-looking pouch packaging is guaranteed to draw the eye of customers.

With the generously sized printable area of our stand up pouches, you have the opportunity to print labels that display all the important information about your goods – be it dosage and warning labels for medical products, the ingredients for your food and drink offering, or the origins of your coffee beans and how to brew the perfect cup of joe.

You can also customise our stand up pouches to your requirements with matte varnish or UV spot gloss, as well as a choice of finishes. Our coloured plastic pouches are an ideal for making your goods really pop in a retail environment, while clear pouches are a great way to let your colourful treats and sweets do all the attention-grabbing work themselves.

If you want to give your brand an extra boost with some bespoke packaging artwork, we have a dedicated in-house Graphic Design team who can help!

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