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Benefits of packaging your beauty products in plastic pouches

Benefits of packaging your beauty products in plastic pouches

When we are choosing any product from the retail shelf we should be guided by objective factors such as the quality of ingredients, price and so on.  It’s often the case, especially so in the cosmetics industry, that consumers decide between two products with similar functionality purely based on which packaging and design is more appealing.

In other words, your target customers are more likely to choose between your product and that of a competitor purely based on impulse.  Rather than weighing up the different benefits of the two products, they would often buy the one with better packaging and design. If you want your products to stand out against the competition in the beauty, health and cosmetics sector, you should opt for bespoke cosmetic packaging complete with a high-quality design, which won’t go unnoticed.

Boost the appeal of your cosmetics and beauty products with stand-up pouches

When it comes down to personal care products, convenience is a key selling point which will be informing the customers’ decision. Whether it’s products for everyday use at home such as body wash, face masks and shampoo, or cosmetics which buyers are likely to carry around – from hand sanitizers or their beach bag essentials such as sunscreen and after-sun moisturising lotions – you want to make sure your cosmetics packaging is lightweight yet durable (to avoid spillage), and ultimately built in a way which makes it easy to minimise wastage of the product by getting every last drop.

Show off your merchandise

While for many products one of the main concerns when it comes down to packaging is the shelf life different packaging solutions offer, in the beauty, health and cosmetics industry, this is not the driving concern. More important seems to be how well the packaging shows off the products – it is, therefore, no surprise that the popularity of pouches in the industry is growing, as they offer a range of options such as windowed and standup pouches which are designed with optimal product display in mind.

The wide variety of pouch types means they are particularly suitable for a number of different products, such as bath salts and makeup, whereby you would want to showcase the colourfulness within a retail environment display, as well as the likes of face masks and creams for which you might want to go down the vibrant design route to make them stand out from competitor brands. Limited edition stand-up pouches are also the perfect way to package your samples, thus allowing customers to have a taster of your product before purchasing it in larger quantity.

Preserve the quality & the environment

Plastic packaging is a great choice if you want your cosmetic products to arrive in perfect condition – regardless of whether you’re packaging cream, blushes, sponges or powder. Pouches are flexible and sturdy, which helps ensure the quality of your beauty products is not compromised during the transportation and storage process.

The popularity of stand up pouches is rapidly growing amongst retailers in the beauty, health and cosmetics sector who are conscious of the effects using glass packaging and thick plastic pots has on the environment. In comparison to other packaging alternatives, pouches and other types of flexible packaging use minimal quantities of raw materials, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of your products. Plastic pouches are also increasingly eco-friendly in their post-consumer stage, as flexible packaging is increasingly recycled and the circular economy model gains popularity.

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