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The uses of flexible packaging as a sustainable alternative

The uses of flexible packaging as a sustainable alternative

While flexible packaging is often turned to for its resealable, lightweight and hygienic properties, it is also a sustainable alternative to standard forms of packaging. Through extensive testing, we were able to analyse and compare the sustainability of plastic bottles, glass jars, tin cans and our flexible pouches. The results? They revealed our flexible pouch packaging to be the most environmentally friendly, in production energy, material resources and waste.

At Polypouch, we are committed to producing various types of sustainable packaging. From food and confectionary to cosmetics and nutrition, we manufacture flexible packaging to meet the needs of both your products and the environment.

The environmental benefits of flexible packaging:

The environmental benefits of flexible packaging span from the initial production process to the eventual recyclable waste.

Efficient production process

The production of flexible packaging is comparably more efficient than that of contemporary production processes. During the production of flexible packaging, less energy and natural resources are used, which in turn, means there is less waste produced. Thanks to the innovative technology that packaging manufacturers utilise today, the production of flexible packaging has seen notable improvements in sustainability.

Fewer transport emissions

Due to the lightweight and flexible properties of flexible pouch packaging, less emissions are produced during the transportation of products. This is because, more pouches can be stored and delivered in a single journey than other forms of heavy or rigid packaging. By changing to a flexible packaging solution, more products can be transported in fewer journeys, reducing the amount of pollutive emissions being released.

Increasing recyclability

We consider the recyclability of flexible packaging to be a pressing matter, which is why we are continuing to work towards making all of our flexible packaging fully recyclable. Alongside our persistent efforts to adapt our own packaging, we are in constant conversation with local authorities, encouraging them to consider the recyclability of flexible packaging, in the hopes of transforming the packaging industry into one that is more environmentally friendly.

Our sustainable flexible packaging

With spout pouches, stand up pouches and bespoke designed pouches, we stock a flexible packaging solution for every brand and product. So, whether you want to switch from plastic bottles to spout pouches or from glass jars to stand up pouches, we are here to help you design flexible packaging that reflects your brand, meets the needs of your products and protects the environment.

Constantly searching for ways to enhance our supportive stance on sustainable flexible packaging, we are now proud members of CEFLEX, which is a collective organisation pursuing the initiative to make all flexible packaging in Europe completely circular by 2025. By enforcing our strong environmental values alongside the packaging we produce, you can rest assured that the packaging you receive will have been made with the environment in mind.

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