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Takeaway pouch packaging: the unlikely hero in a global crisis

Takeaway pouch packaging: the unlikely hero in a global crisis

The global pandemic has completely reshaped the way we do business across all industries, but food and drink establishments have seen the biggest change. In a new normal where sitting in is not really a possibility, takeaway options reign supreme.

Since lockdown first came into force, we’ve been seeing a lot of enquiries about cocktail takeaway packaging, and takeaway packaging in general. Thinking outside the box, the food and drink industry is tackling the challenge of social distancing by coming up with new ways to do business while adhering to the rules.

Seeing as the prospect of reopening for the public is still in the distant future for a lot of bars and restaurants, a lot of these establishments have started offering the majority of their menu in takeaway format, including delivering cocktails or sealed meals.

Spout pouches: the go-to choice for takeaway cocktails

The popularity of our spout pouches has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Won over by the many benefits of this genius type of flexible packaging, such as ease of filling, reduced spillages and minimised waste, many bars are turning to spout pouches as a way to package ready mixed cocktails or recipe packs customers can use to fix their own drinks.

In addition to allowing customers to squeeze out up to 99.5% of its contents, a spout bag is also incredibly economical for space. Compared to clunky bottles or cartons, flexible drinks packaging is perfect for easy storage and freezing. Plus, cocktail mixes packaged in spout pouches are much more convenient to transport, making the life of delivery drivers easier.

Resealable food pouches: takeaway has never been easier

Resealable pouches have also proven to be the perfect solution for takeaway meals. Restaurants and food retailers are turning to this type of flexible packaging for a variety of menu items, including fully cooked dishes and desserts, as well as an assortment of elements such as pasta sauces, spices, pre-chopped veg and even frozen food.

Made using laminated PET and LDPE food grade materials, food pouches are the perfect takeaway packaging solution because they effectively protect and preserve food, keeping it away from contamination. Much like our spouts, resealable food pouches are very durable, easy to transport, and offer customers a high level of convenience – they can access the contents with one tear, and reseal the bag to ensure the product remains fresh.

What’s more, restaurants and food retailers can customise the shape and size of their takeaway pouches according to their needs. We also have a wide range of retort and microwaveable pouches made from materials which can withstand high temperatures, for the meals ready to cook in the microwave.

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