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The Importance Of Correctly Packaging Your Products

The Importance Of Correctly Packaging Your Products

When it comes to choosing packaging for your products, these days, you’re basically spoiled for choice. From plastic tubs and glass jars to paper sachets and chrome pouches, today’s packaging options are endless. Yet, with so many to choose from, finding packaging for your products shouldn’t be too difficult, right?

Despite having a huge array of packaging to choose from, not all packaging solutions will be suitable for your products, which means you’ll have to do some research before finding the right packaging to store, transport and display your products in.

What to consider when choosing your product packaging

To help you choose packaging that meets the needs of your brand, products and consumers, we’ve broken down the key points you’ll need to think about.

Product requirements

One of the first and possibly most important things you’ll need to consider are the needs of your products. This means, analysing the best conditions to store your products in to ensure your products remain unchanged for consumer access. For example, if your products are fresh coffee beans, you’d likely want to choose packaging with a valve for gases to escape from. This could be achieved with a flexible pouch.

Understanding the needs of your products is key to choosing the correct packaging for your products and business.

Packaging material

The type of packaging material you choose can play a key role in both how you store your products and how you present them to consumers.

For storage purposes, this is another opportunity to review the needs of your products. Whether your products need to be protected from extra moisture or kept away from UV light, you’ll need to identify which materials would be most appropriate for storing your products in.

Though that’s not the only thing to consider when selecting a packaging material. If your products have little storage requirements, packaging material is a great place to start when deciding how you want your products to be displayed to consumers. For example, if you want your products to be visible to customers, a clear pouch may be a suitable packaging solution.


The durability of the packaging you choose is vital to ensuring the protection of your products during transportation and display. This is a particularly important point to consider if your products need to be protected from UV light, moisture or oxygen. If they do, you may want to consider high barrier, aluminium pouch packaging, which is a great way of securely storing your products without the risk of potential damage or contamination.

Type of seal

If you’re still not sure on what type of packaging to choose, it may be useful to think about the type of seal your products need. For liquid products, you’ll likely need packaging with a screw top seal, such as spout pouches, to provide consumers with easy access and safe storage. Whereas, for dry products you may consider a form of resealable pouch packaging, allowing your products to stay fresh for longer.


Before you can select a type and size of packaging, you’ll need to decide on the amount of product you want to sell to consumers.

If you’re planning on selling numerous sizes of the same product, you’ll need to find a form of packaging that comes in various sizes, to create a cohesive line of products. An example would be custom pouch packaging, which can range from small sachets to bulk bags. This way, the design and branding of your packaging can easily be reflected across different sizes of products.


The ultimate packaging solution

If you’ve considered each of the above points and think pouch packaging would be the right choice for your products, you’re in luck!

While all products have different requirements, at Polypouch, we champion pouch packaging as the ultimate packaging solution. Available in a huge variety of sizes, materials and designs, we believe there’s a type of pouch packaging for every form of product. Whether you want high barrier, aluminium packaging or a spout pouch for liquids, we can design your flexible pouch packaging to meet the needs of your products.

To find out more about our range of pouch packaging and our bespoke design services, get in touch.

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