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Making Your Packaging Stand Out On The Retail Shelf

Making Your Packaging Stand Out On The Retail Shelf

Today’s retail shelves are filled to the brim with competing brands, each relying on their packaging to catch the attention of customers. After all, in an environment that relies so heavily on consumers ‘judging a book by its cover’, your packaging quickly becomes your brand’s biggest selling point.

To give your products the best chance at progressing from shelf to basket, it’s vital the visual design of your packaging stand outs. From the packaging material to the brand design, your packaging needs to be unique to your brand and clearly communicate what you have to offer.

What to consider when choosing your packaging

To help you choose packaging to stand out against your competitors, we’ve put together a list of the top three factors to consider below.

Design space

The design of your packaging will be one the first things consumers see, so it’s important you have the space you need to produce an eye-catching design. Alongside the presentation of your brand, your packaging will also require room for important information to be displayed, such as ingredients.

Rigid forms of packaging, such as bottles, jars and tubs, often rely on stick-on labels for branding which limits design space, putting your products at risk of being overlooked on the retail shelf. Instead, we’d recommend custom printed pouches, allowing you to utilise every side of the packaging for design, giving your products a better chance at being noticed by consumers.

Material variety

The material you choose for your packaging can be the difference between your products standing out and going unnoticed. For example, if you were selling coffee beans and the majority of your competitors were using glass jars for packaging, you’d want to consider a different packaging type and material to avoid your products getting lost on the retail shelf.

For material variety and choice, take a look at stand up pouch packaging.  Available in a natural kraft, clear plastic, protective aluminium, coloured plastic or custom print design, stand up pouches are an effective solution if you want your packaging to both display your brand values and stand out on the retail shelf.

Product display

Enabling consumers to see the quality of your products before they make a purchase can be an effective way of grabbing their attention and encouraging them to buy.

However, when using your products as part of your packaging design, it’s important you find a balance between your branding and products. This can easily be achieved with windowed pouch packaging, framing the view of your products with a custom printed pouch design. The best of both worlds, this form of packaging is sure to catch the attention of customers browsing the retail shelves.

Stand out on the retail shelf with Polypouch

If you’re looking for packaging that can help your products stand out against competitors, look no further than Polypouch.

Here at Polypouch, we’re passionate about creating packaging that ticks all the boxes and meets the needs of your products, customers and retail environment. With our custom printed pouch design services, we can produce packaging that’s impossible to miss on the retail shelf.

Get in touch to find out more about our bespoke packaging services.

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