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What Are The Benefits Of Pouch Packaging?

A polypouch, otherwise known as doypack, stand up bag, or plastic pouch, is a type of packaging produced from multi-laminate plastic films.

Today, plastic is arguably the most commonly used type of packaging, and stand up pouches are increasingly growing in popularity in the flexible packaging industry due to their versatility and environmental benefits when compared to other packaging methods.

Advantages of plastic packaging

What are the advantages of using plastic as materials for packaging?

Stand up pouches are the most flexible and adaptable type of packaging, and allow you to customise the shape, size and materials according to your unique product specifications. Pouches are also lightweight and reduce storage space.

Plastic pouches use fewer resources to produce than other common types of packaging such as plastic tubs and tins. They also cut down the environmental impact of your products by reducing the carbon footprint during transportation and producing less wastage on disposal.

Are pouches suitable for food packaging and preservation?

Stand up pouches are an ideal food packaging solution thanks to their durability and ease of transportation. What’s more, our microwaveable food pouches are made from laminated PET and LLDPE food grade materials, produced to withstand extreme temperatures and high pressures.

High barrier food pouches are also an ideal choice for keeping your products fresh for longer, thanks to the protective layer which keeps outside elements such as moisture, dust, oxygen and UV light from entering the packaging.

Are stand up pouches recyclable?

Due to the versatility of pouches, it is possible to optimise their recyclability. It is increasingly likely that the flexible packaging industry will move towards full recycling of packaging products and as such we are able to customise them to suit the end-of-life use.

What are the advantages of plastic packaging in retail?

Stand up pouches enable product manufacturers to clearly and professionally include all nutritional (food products) and marketing information without having to apply costly and time-consuming labels. Using high-quality rotogravure printing, we can really make your products stand out!

Plastic packaging is highly economical and instantly impacts on consumers in a retail environment. Cottage-style manufacturers can quickly compete effectively in saturated marketplaces against household brands.

Plastic packaging allows manufacturers to print eye-catching, high-quality custom design, and thereby increase product visibility in a retail setting.

Why use resealable plastic bags for your product packaging?

Pouch packaging is consumer-friendly. Customers can simply tear open the pouch to access the contents. Grip seal closures can be used to enable easy opening or sealing for repeated use of products – no need to eat all of your chocolate at once anymore!

The rise in the popularity of resealable stand up pouches over non-resealable counterparts, especially when it comes to food packaging and storage, is partly attributed to the fact that it allows consumers to access food on the go, as well as being able to store anything that remains uneaten for a later time without compromising the freshness of the product.

How Polypouch Can Help You in Product Packaging

Polypouch is a leading supplier of flexible packaging products in the UK, and printed and bespoke pouches are our speciality. Our stand up pouches are available in different sizes, types and formats, in full colour or plain form – they can be made to suit your requirements.

Why stand up pouches?

Stand up pouches for food packaging are by far the most popular choice, thanks to their versatility and protective properties which keep the products fresh for longer. However, thanks to their customisable properties, other industries have now taken an interest, making stand up pouches the preferred option for anything from frozen food and liquids such as juice or alcoholic drinks to tea and coffee, as well as spices and even bath salts.

Perhaps the pouch type to most clearly showcase the advantages of plastic packaging in retail, stand up pouches are ideal for products that will be positioned on supermarket shelves as it makes them stand out from the crowded offering and grab the attention of customers.

Lightweight plastic packaging such as stand up pouches can reduce your company’s carbon footprint during transportation. Pouches are also popular for mail order items due to their ability to reduce postage costs when compared to boxes, plastic pots, tins and glass jars.

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