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Food packaging design trends 2019

2018 was a big year for product packaging innovation. We saw new and innovative ideas across industries, driving businesses to experiment with the look and functionality of their packaging design.

In 2019, aesthetics and features are picking up where last year left off. Materials, colours and visual effects are taking centre stage in product packaging, where they will be used in imaginative ways to grab customer attention.

Below we compiled some of the most notable 2018 packaging trends – read on for some inspiration that can transform your own packaging design.

Colour pop

Minimalism meets colour to create an-eye catching look that’s already taking packaging design by storm. For many brands minimalist packaging in a step towards a policy of transparency, where the product is stripped down to essentials. In addition to showcasing a no-nonsense approach that (hopefully) extends to product ingredients and sustainability, minimalism allows for creative uses of colour and typography that stands out.

Colours in particular are a great way to make your packaging emotive without overwhelming the customer with details. More and more we’re seeing packaging designs that feature vibrant colours, either on their own or in pairs. In addition to being visually exciting, brightly colours can be used practically to help customers easily tell different product variations apart, saving them the hassle of having to browse the full range.

The simple shapes, patterns and functionality associated with minimalism are appealing to customers with various lifestyles, as they get straight to the point and promise ease of use. In 2019, master the simplistic look with monochrome stand up pouches which make an impact with their exquisite typography.

Nude and natural

At the opposite end of the trend spectrum is the increasing popularity of nude shades spilling over product packaging to create a soft, natural look. In 2019, pinks, beiges, creams and warm browns take over stand up pouch design, contrasting the sensory overload of dazzling colour pops with a warm, candid aura which eases the customer into the shopping experience.

Ground your packaging design by splattering pastel shades on a Kraft pouch – the natural look and feel of Kraft bags will provide a neutral background, allowing the soft nudes to draw in the eye. Finish off the understated look with simple white labels which won’t take the attention away from your unique packaging design.

Blast from the past

Retro is back and better than ever. Food and drink manufacturers in particular are leaning heavily towards the vintage aesthetic for their stand up pouch packaging this year. One of the main appeals of retro-style packaging is the authentic look and feel it creates, giving products the impression of pedigree.

Vintage labelling and packaging are taking over retail shelves world-wide, offering customers an eyeful of manuscript typography, retro colour palettes and elegant illustrations. Another trend where Kraft pouches fit right in, vintage style packaging is also associated with quality that stems from the rich heritage of the product and has remained unaltered since it first launched decades ago.

A marker of tradition and long-lasting identity, vintage packaging design is a timeless classic whose appeal will likely outlive all fads.

Embrace your favourite packaging trend – whether its colour pops, neutral tones or vintage vibes – and have your products really steal the show this year.

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