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Tear Bags

At Polypouch, we offer a range of tear bags, such as tin tie bags, tear notch bags, vacuum pouches, ziplock pouches and heat seal bags. Packaging of this kind is cost-effective, durable and easy to transport. As a result, they are a popular packaging option for brands in a range of different industries. Tin tie bags offer a secure way for users to close and reopen the packaging. Tear notch pouches ensure that products arrive at their destination in one piece. Alternatively, vacuum pouches are the ideal solution for items that must remain uncontaminated. In contrast, ziplock pouches are the perfect packaging and storage solution for products that need to be easily accessible. Finally, heat seal bags allow brands to package products to ensure they have an extended shelf life.

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Uses of Tear Bags

Tear bags can be used for a wide range of products. However, they are most commonly used by brands in the food industry. For example, tin tie bags are typically used to store deli and bakery goods such as cakes, cookies and muffins. Alternatively, vacuum pouch bags are ideal for perishable food items such as sliced meats and cheeses. Tear notch bags, on the other hand, are suitable for confectionery and snacks, while heat-sealed bags are a great way to store food to extend its shelf life.

Get Your Tear Bags Designed & Printed

If you haven’t designed your tear bags just yet, and you’re looking to create and print eye-catching packaging for your brand, you’re in luck. Polypouch offers a bespoke design service. Our talented graphics team work tirelessly to create compelling graphics that complement your brand and capture the attention of your target audience.

Once we have designed the graphics for your tear bags, we can produce life-like mockups of the bags, allowing you to see how the packaging design will look once it has been printed.

Our Tear Bags Are Eco-Friendly!

We are recyclable pouch specialists, and we care deeply about the impact of packaging on the environment. For this reason, we offer a wide selection of eco-friendly packaging options, including sustainable tear pouch packaging. In addition, tear bags require less energy and materials to manufacture compared to glass jars, plastic pots and steel cans, making them a more sustainable alternative.

Our available pouches can be fully recycled, allowing your customers to sustainably dispose of them without negatively impacting the environment.


What is the lead time for Polypouch orders?

Once an order is placed, we will endeavour to deliver your items within 7 days. However, lead times may vary for custom pouches depending on the number of units ordered and if you’ve chosen to use our bespoke graphic design service.

What is the minimum number of pouches I can order?

You can order a minimum of 100 units, as we understand that sometimes you need to have the option to order pouches in small batches.

What is the minimum number of custom printed pouches I can order?

You can order a minimum of 1000 custom printed pouches. When using our custom printing service, you can choose from a range of sizes, materials and finishes to suit your needs.

Can I request free Polypouch samples?

Yes. If you are unsure of the materials and sizing you require, we are happy to send you samples that will allow you to determine the pouches you need, free of charge. If you receive samples, but they do not fit your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you additional samples to help you determine which pouches are right for you.

What are Polypouch’s payment terms?

Payment terms are strictly in advance, unless otherwise agreed in writing. A maximum term of 30 days is allowable from the date of invoice where credit terms are provided. You can learn more about Polypouch payment terms in our Terms and Conditions.

Can you help me determine which packaging I need for my product?

Yes, the Polypouch team are happy to help you find the right packaging for your products. Simply contact us and we will discuss your options in more detail.

Can you help me design the packaging for my product?

Yes, Polypouch offers a low-cost, in-house pouch packaging design service. You can learn more about the packaging design service here.

How do I get custom printed pouches made?

Polypouch offers custom printed packaging and bespoke pouches, where you choose from a wide range of sizes, materials and finishes. Contact us today and we’ll start the custom printed pouches process straight away.

First, our team will ask you a few questions so we can determine exactly what your needs are. Then, if you already have a design, we’ll create a mock-up to show you what it will look like on your chosen packaging. If you do not have a design, our expert graphic designers can create one for you through our in-house pouch packaging design service. Once you’re happy with the design, we’ll manufacture your packaging and send it to you as quickly as possible.


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