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Custom Packaging Design Service

One of the best ways to capture the attention of your target audience is to create high quality, eye-catching packaging. We supply custom printed pouches to businesses in a variety of industries. Print your pouch now!


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Our Kraft Printed Pouches

Kraft pouches are highly versatile. As a result, they are used by many industries, such as food manufacturers and health and beauty brands. Around the world, more companies are rethinking how their goods should be packaged. For example, brands are trading non-recyclable packaging for eco-friendly options such as kraft pouches.

Kraft pouches are used for packaging products such as coffee, tea bags, snacks, sweets and chocolate, dry pet food and treats, body scrubs, bath salts, soaps, herbs and spices, rice, grains, oats and cereals.

They are the best surface to print your branded artwork on.

Custom Printed Pouches

Polypouch produce custom printed packaging and bespoke pouches to the highest standard with an unrivalled level of service. When using our printed packaging service, you can choose from a wide range of sizes and pouch options, and simply upload your artwork before you add to basket!

As a leading supplier of bespoke pouches, we can offer you a variety of flexible packaging options based on your needs. If you require something more bespoke, please get in touch with us below:

Our Kraft Pouches Are Eco-Friendly!

At Polypouch, we’re keen to help businesses reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why we offer a range of recyclable kraft pouches. So whether you need to find suitable packaging for food, health and beauty products, pet food or fishing bait, our recyclable kraft pouch packaging will help you meet your environmental goals.

Many of our kraft pouches are compostable, meaning you can dispose of them in your at-home compost. The bags are made from kraft paper with a PLA starch barrier lining and releasable gripper or zipper seals.


What is the lead time for Polypouch orders?

Once an order is placed, we will endeavour to deliver your items within 7 days. However, lead times may vary for custom pouches depending on the number of units ordered and if you’ve chosen to use our bespoke graphic design service.

What is the minimum number of pouches I can order?

You can order a minimum of 100 units, as we understand that sometimes you need to have the option to order pouches in small batches.

What is the minimum number of custom printed pouches I can order?

You can order a minimum of 1000 custom printed pouches. When using our custom printing service, you can choose from a range of sizes, materials and finishes to suit your needs.

Can I request free Polypouch samples?

Yes. If you are unsure of the materials and sizing you require, we are happy to send you samples that will allow you to determine the pouches you need, free of charge. If you receive samples, but they do not fit your requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will send you additional samples to help you determine which pouches are right for you.

What are Polypouch’s payment terms?

Payment terms are strictly in advance, unless otherwise agreed in writing. A maximum term of 30 days is allowable from the date of invoice where credit terms are provided. You can learn more about Polypouch payment terms in our Terms and Conditions.

Can you help me determine which packaging I need for my product?

Yes, the Polypouch team are happy to help you find the right packaging for your products. Simply contact us and we will discuss your options in more detail.

Can you help me design the packaging for my product?

No, however we do offer design proofing. For fully bespoke packaging, please get in touch with us if you require anything not sold on Polypouch.

How do I get custom printed pouches made?

SImply visit our Custom Printed Packaging page, pick a pouch, and upload your artwork! - It's as easy as that...


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