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White Kraft, Grip Seal, Compostable Pouch

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In today's eco-conscious world, choosing the right packaging means taking a stand for the planet. That's where our revolutionary, TUV-certified home-compostable stand up pouch comes in. Crafted with care and a deep commitment to sustainability, this pouch empowers your brand to shine while minimizing your environmental footprint.

Key Features:

  1. Compostable with Confidence: Made from 100% TUV-certified home-compostable materials, this pouch breaks down naturally in your backyard bin, leaving no harmful residues and enriching the soil with valuable nutrients. Choose conscious packaging, choose a thriving planet.
  2. Versatility Unbound: From coffee beans to bath salts, granola to pet treats, our pouch adapts to your vision with ease. Its sleek design elevates your brand while preserving product freshness and integrity, making it ideal for a wide range of dry goods.
  3. Reseal the Goodness: Our secure grip seal lets customers savor the goodness within, resealing effortlessly to minimize waste and maximize enjoyment. It's the perfect blend of convenience and sustainability.
  4. Heat-Sealed for Safety: Heat-sealable technology provides an extra layer of protection, extending your product's shelf life and ensuring safe travels from your production line to the customer's pantry.

Environmental Impact:

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Rot: By choosing our home-compostable pouch, you actively reduce the demand for harmful plastics. It's a small step with a colossal impact, diverting waste from landfills and nurturing the earth back to life.
  2. Nature's Decomposer: Quick and complete decomposition, free of microplastics, enriches your compost pile and nourishes the earth back to life. It's a win for your brand and the planet, one pouch at a time.

Go beyond green, choose conscious. Opt for our TUV-certified home-compostable stand up pouch and watch your brand and the planet flourish together. Let's paint a brighter future, one pouch at a time!

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Polypouch responded very quickly to my rushed order. As a new customer they provided detailed information on each product and we were able to arrange a fast delivery.

Great quality pouches too! We’ll be a long term customer.

Louise - Tea Supplier

This helps me out tremendously and I now wish to confirm my first order.

I look forward to receiving your invoice and appreciate your great customer service and flexibility.

Fabian - Health and Beauty Supplier

Thanks again for putting up with us, especially after interrupting your holiday.  You were a huge help and I would definitely recommend you guys to anyone else trying to pursue something similar to ourselves. Hopefully we will be on to you again ordering more.

Colin - Nutrition Supplier